It’s Terrific Team Tuesday! ✨


It’s Terrific Team Tuesday! ✨ Today we introduce Linda Hardee, CNA.

Linda blessed us in 2006 when she moved down from around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We believe that it was probably a shock to her system to move to such a rural area. However, with her daughter, she thrived. Linda started her career as a Nursing Assistant while in Pennsylvania because she didn’t feel that a factory or office job was for her. She continued working and was certified. Linda always seems to have a serious look on her face. She will let us know real quick if one of her residents needs anything. Don’t let the serious look fool you; she can crack a joke with a quick wit anytime, and she adores her residents. One of her coworkers stated, “Linda is one of the best I have worked with. She is a helper.” Don’t tell her we told you, but she is a softy down deep. She enjoys crocheting and knitting on her downtime. She also loves the family dinner time with her three grandchildren.

We are so blessed to have Linda Hardee as a part of our Tuesday Terrific Team. 💚👏

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