Happy Terrific Team Tuesday! ✨


Today we would like to introduce you to Selma Smith.

Selma has been with Camden Healthcare since 1992, working as a CNA. We were blessed to have her join our team, especially with her philosophy of “my people will be taken care of above all else.” Even with six children and seven grandchildren, Selma is “the one” that we have to make sure she takes her vacations and very much deserved time off. She has given love to so many of our residents and their families over the years. Our residents show their gratitude and thankfulness with a smile in return. She is not the bubbly always smiling person you see, but she is the CNA that gives her absolute best every day that she enters our community. When she is not working, Selma is an avid reader and has been known to provide good book advice from time to time. Always listen to Selma.

Thank you so much for being a part of our Terrific Team and a valuable member of our community! 💛👏

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